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bitcoin sv goes parabolic flippens bitcoin cash

Bitcoin SV Goes Parabolic, Flippens Bitcoin Cash

15th Jan 2020

Bitcoin SV $BSV is now the fourth biggest asset by market capitalization, taking the spot of Bitcoin Cash BCH. After months of flexing, and promising something big for early 2020, BSV finally delivers – at least for now, a spectacular 300% weekly pump. In just one day, Bitcoin SV doubled its price and broke all price records, both in terms of Satoshi prices, and dollar value. BSV reached $441.20 just as all coins were wildly expanding, and bitcoin led the rally.
One of the reasons is a favorable court decision for Craig Wright, who after all did not have to pay back thousands of BTC to the estate of David Klein. Wright did not manage to prove he is Satoshi Nakamoto, but the news added to the BSV effect.


Source: Bitcoinist.com:
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