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Is Someone Close to Satoshi Moving 50 BTC From 2009?

20th May 2020

The cryptocurrency community is in complete turmoil as information just became known that blockchain data revealed that Bitcoin had just been moved, which was mined in February 2009. The sum of BTC was one of the first cryptocurrencies ever mined, just one month after the first Bitcoin block was mined.

What exactly does this mean? Why is someone moving their Bitcoin now?

Block chain data shows that 50 BTCs that were mined in 2009 suddenly started moving. This means that some of the first mined Bitcoins are now in motion. But who is moving them and why they are doing this, the crypto-community is still unclear.

Was that Satoshi?

If you ask me, no! This address is not one of the known Satoshi addresses. There were already several miners back then. After a short research I found a chart that shows a visualization of the first mined blocks.

Chart by @noshitcoins

It shows which blocks were mined in dependence of the time, so you can see which blocks were mined by which miner. Based on further data we can assume that the person who moved his Bitcoins today also mined the blocks 3350, 3357, 3365, 3396, 3426, 3450, 3478, 3497, 3565, 3607, 3617, 3623, 3629, 3662, 3669 and many, many others. Most of these have also been moved in recent years. Therefore it’s very unlikely to be Satoshi.

What do you think? Could this have been Satoshi?