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CryptoExplorer for Rwanda

This year was very hard for many of us! Despite everything, it was a very successful year for us and all our members, who made good profit! Therefore, we want to thank you for all your support and love during 2020!

This Christmas, we want to give everyone a 30% discount on our life-time membership at CryptoExplorer Academy! Use the promo code XMAS to redeem your bonus!

But that’s not all

Rwanda in Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world and we decided to donate 20% of all our christmas sales to the Caritas Rwanda Project.

Fundraiser – Caritas x CryptoExplorer

Rwanda is one of the poorest countries in Africa. A large part of the population works in agriculture and has to struggle with a variety of problems in this sector.

Rwanda’s high population density makes arable land scarce, leaving many people without access to land. In addition, the soil is depleted or eroded.

Image by Caritas Austria

Due to the unstable domestic situation in Burundi, many people are fleeing to Rwanda and also need support there in the form of food and psychosocial care.

Caritas is helping projects in Rwanda and at CryptoExplorer, we want to support that!

Know-How for Agriculture

By providing technical know-how and help in diversifying their agricultural production, the food security of male and female farmers in Rwanda is improved.

Care for refugees in Mahama camp

Around 4,900 particularly needy refugees are supported in Camp Mahama in Rwanda. Food is distributed, psychosocial support is offered and conflict resolution training is provided. In addition, the economic situation of the refugees is improved through income-generating measures and the establishment of small vegetable fields and kitchen gardens.

More information: https://www.caritas.at/auslandshilfe/auslandsprojekte/afrika/ruanda/

You don’t actually have to do much, because we take care of everything. We donate 20% of all christmas sales to Caritas for the Rwanda project. This means $10.60 for every new member! So what are you waiting for? Become a Pro member and do something good at the same time ?


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Merry Christmas!