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Introducing the CryptoExplorer Pro Referral Program

We are grateful to have gathered such a great and motivated community of crypto investors. CryptoExplorer is much more than just an Instagram page. We are currently building one of the world’s first professional crypto research & educational platforms together with you! And without your feedback, your suggestions for improvement and your help we would not be able to do it 🙂

And that is exactly why we would like to thank you. Today we roll out a referral program that will reward you for your help.
It’s time for you to enter the CryptoExplorer Referral Program! 🙂

What is the CryptoExplorer Referral Program?

It is probably the best referral program you have ever seen, that’s for sure. All jokes aside, we really built a fair and rewarding referral program for you guys. With every person who registers via your referral link, you get 10% of all the future payments they make at CryptoExplorer Pro. So even if your friends start as free members, as soon as they upgrade you will get your commission points. And we mean all future payments. Not just a one time reward!

Every month your friends stay at CryptoExplorer, you get your commission points. This quickly adds up and you will soon get your CryptoExplorer Pro subscription for free.

Put it simply,

You refer your friends – They subscribe – You get commission points!

Why you should be part of the CyptoExplorer Referral Program!

Here is why you should drop everything now and start referring immediately.

We are fair.
Do you know these referral programs where you only get money if someone buys the Pro version immediately? And then most of the people you refer naturally take the trial version, upgrade later and you get nothing? Well here at CryptoExplorer, we don’t want you to look through your fingers! If you promote someone and he upgrades in the future, then you still get your bonus!
And there are no limits on how many people you can refer!

We believe transparency is a very important factor.
With us, you can see in real-time when someone clicks on your link and get notifications when you have referred someone!

Promote more – earn more.
Get a 10% recurring referral bonus and earn on all future payments of your referrals. Promote as much as you like: The sky is the limit 🚀

Tip: If you are an influencer or have a larger community, you can apply to become an affiliate here: LINK. You will get higher commissions and cash/crypto payouts with a verified affiliate account.

Convinced yet?

I’m in! How do I join the CryptoExplorer Referral Program?

If you are already a CryptoExplorer Pro user:

  • Log in and head over to Settings -> Referral Program
  • You’ll see the Referral Dashboard
  • Click “generate link”, copy the link and share it. That’s it!

You can visit your dashboard to track your referrals.
If you don’t have an account at CryptoExplorer Pro, just create one, it’s free!

  • Head over to https://pro.cryptoexplorer.cc/membership
  • Select your desired membership level
  • Once done, you will see your personal dashboard where you can generate your unique link, track referrals, and payouts.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be an existing CryptoExplorer Pro member to join the CryptoExplorer Referral Program?
Yes. You need to be a CryptoExplorer Academy member to join the program. Follow the steps mentioned earlier to join and get your unique referral link and dashboard. It’s free and easy.

Is there a minimum earning to be accumulated before requesting a payout?
You’ll need to accumulate at least the amount for one subscription payment before you can use the credits to pay less on your next subscription payment. With the generous & recurring 10% rewards, you’ll get there pretty quickly!

Will I receive my commission every time my referred friend makes a payment?
Yes, you get 10% of all your friend’s future subscription payments.


We’re excited to bring this news to you and look forward to seeing your results. We are also planning to build a leaderboard, so you can challenge others. There you will see who has already collected the most bonus.

As always, if you have any questions, reach out to us or ask your questions on the Discord server.