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CryptoExplorer partners with IntoTheBlock

Vienna, Austria (March 23, 2022) – CryptoExplorer is partnering with IntoTheBlock to bring more awareness to the relevance of on-chain data in cryptocurrency markets. By using data from IntoTheBlock, CryptoExplorer will provide its members with more insights into Blockchain data and sentiment analysis.

As part of the strategic partnership, IntoTheBlock will provide CryptoExplorer with a wide range of data and information, which will be available on CryptoExplorer Pro starting today. This information will give users more insight into the crypto markets and help them in making better investment decisions.

Starting today, users can view valuable information about coins and tokens in the new “Coin Overview“. For each coin/token, the respective on-chain section is divided into two parts: The Token Overview, as the name suggests, shows a quick overview of a crypto asset with multiple indicators from IntoTheBlock based on blockchain, price, social and other datasets to which statistical and machine learning models have been applied.

Bitcoin On-Chain data visible on CryptoExlorer Pro

The second part is the Signals section, which contains momentum signals based on IntoTheBlock’s underlying indicators.

On-chain data is important to get an insight into the general market trend. Our goal is to provide private investors with the necessary tools and information to make better investment decisions.

Stefan Erben, Co-Founder and Partner of CryptoExplorer

Furthermore, the data from IntoTheBlock will be included in the reports of CryptoExplorer to give our members the best possible insight into the current market situation as well as future developments.

We at CryptoExplorer are excited to partner with IntoTheBlock. Both companies have a mission to provide crypto investors with on-chain data to better understand the behaviour of crypto markets. Please let us know what your experience has been with IntoTheBlock’s data on CryptoExplorer Pro.

About IntoTheBlock

IntoTheBlock is a data science company applying cutting-edge research in AI to deliver actionable intelligence for the crypto market. Their holistic approach covers crypto-assets from four major perspectives:

  • Blockchain Analytics
  • Price Predictions
  • DeFi Analytics
  • Markets
  • Off-chain Analytics

These dive into spot and derivatives trading data, as well as market sentiment for any crypto-asset. Find more about them: https://www.intotheblock.com/