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Venezuelan Team working on a Bitcoin Mesh Network based on Offline Radios

A Venezuelan team is developing Locha, a decentralized mesh network that does not rely on the Internet to conduct transactions with Bitcoin (BTC). The radio wave based system was created because Venezuela often has to deal with power and internet failures. The main application of the project is for critical situations such as in Venezuela and Iran, where infrastructure problems or government restrictions often lead to protracted Internet shutdowns.

Source: Cointelegraph:
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Burger King in Venezuela now accepts Crypto

Thanks to the cooperation with Cryptobuyer, Burger King restaurants in Venezuela will soon also accept crypto-currencies. Burger King will test the system in a branch in the Sambil Caracas shopping centre and plans to introduce the system in all forty restaurants in the country in 2020.
Cryptobuyer, is a company that manufactures the point of sale systems that help companies accept Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, BNB and Tether.

Source: Twitter:
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Venezuela will begin airdropping Petros

The announcement was made by the country’s President Nicolás Maduro that revealed that every eligible citizen would be receiving 0.5 Petro tokens in a giveaway next week. Although it may seem like a small amount the giveaway is being conducted on a nation-wide scale and would be affecting millions of citizens. The giveaway is expected to drive Petro adoption in the region. The country’s citizens would be receiving 0.5 Petro worth nearly 30 dollars. Many of these citizens will be pensioners, public workers, military personnel among other things.

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