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binance will support newly announced ethereum muir glacier upgrade

Binance Will Support Newly Announced Ethereum Muir Glacier Upgrade

31st Dec 2019

Binance supports the upcoming network expansion of the ETH Muir glacier. On Nov. 22, Ethereum developer James Hancock described in a proposal, that the Muir Glacier upgrade is expected to be activated on the mainnet on Jan. 1, 2020 at block 9,200,000.
Therefore, ETH deposits and withdrawals on Binance will be suspended due to the update. ETH trading will not be affected during the upgrade.

Node operators and miners who missed the Istanbul upgrade and are not yet part of the current Ethereum chain are advised to update their client to Muir Glacier as soon as possible. According to an official announcement by the Ethereum Foundation, the nodes should have been updated before 30 December 2019.

At the moment (last 24h), according to Ethernodes, 72% of the clients seen on the Ethereum network (last 24h) are ready and synced.

Source: Binance:
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